In our extensive tourist guide to Rome you'll find information on the different tourist sites, museums, the history of Rome, the culture and gastronomy, as well as a wealth of practical advice for travelling to and around Rome.

Undoubtedly, Rome has always been a city that with an enormous influence and importance on the history of the world, the imprints of the roman empire are still present, not only in western civilization but all over the world..


Get the inside view on Rome with these articles on the Roman character, the food that makes the people and our special report on being gay in Rome. Articles to help you get closer to the people so you can make even more of your visit to this great city.

The city is lively, at times even disorganised and chaotic. But whereas chaos can be unsettling in other places, in Rome it seems a natural and even enjoyable state of affairs. Rome has somehow managed to retain its charm, inviting visitors to let go and enjoy the fun.



Rome is rightly famous for its history, which in turn leads to a wealth of art as well as archaeological and historical treasures in the many Museums located around the city. Read about these wonderful museums in this section of our guide.

Very few cities in the world can claim to have museums like Rome has. From the outside, many of them are beautiful, ancient buildings, where a single stone can be considered as an important piece. From the insider, they comprehend centuries of art, history and archaeology.


Read our introductory overview of Rome in this section, entitled "The Eternal City" or learn more about the art and culture that is so alive and vibrating in this city today.

There is something about Rome that fascinates and attracts people, year after year, century after century. The eternal city is a veritable open air museum, layer upon layer of history leaving its mark on thousands of monuments, ruins, museums, art works, churches and catacombs...But also the cinema and other forms of artistic expression are parts of the cultural heritage of this city.



Rome is a great place to do your shopping! Get an insight into what to buy, where to buy it, and when to buy it all with our section on the popular pastime of shopping in Rome.

Rome is a great place to do your shopping! You get good quality and at the best prices. Of course, you have to know where to do this shopping!

In general wherever you find yourself you can stop and "window shop" in almost all the streets located in the antique part of Rome have stores.


Practical information on the key transport facilities available in Rome - airports, taxis, buses and metros are all covered here.

In this section you will find some essential tips about transportation in Rome, beginning with the different airports that Rome has, and also some information about taxis, buses and trains. Our interactive map is your start point to get familiar with this amazing city, easily locate all the main tourist sites and read all about them.


Mostly visited

The Villa Borghese Museum and Gallery is located in a 17th century palace designed by the Dutch architect Jan Van Santen. The museum's splendid sculptural collection takes up the entire ground floor, whereas the first floor features paintings by some of Italy's most renowned artists.

The collection would be of even superior quality had Camillo Borghese not sold much of it to Napoleon in 1807, including 154 statues, 160 busts, 170 relieves, 30 columns and a variety of other pieces that are now displayed at the Louvre under the name of the Borghese Collection.

Although the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica is located at different venues throughout the city, the main section can be visited at the Palazzo Barberini. The palace is interesting in and of itself because it once served as the official residence of Pope Urban VIII.

The gallery features paintings from the Renaissance through to the Baroque and includes fascinating pieces such as The Annunciation by Filipo Lippi, La Fornarina by Raphael, a piece by Tintoretto and a portrait of Henry VIII by Holbein.


Rome is the perfect match for anyone who loves to shop. Picturesque streets lined with high-end, designer, artisan and quirky, unusual shops offering every imaginable type of merchandise at excellent prices.

Italians love to go shopping, preferably along lovely, sun-soaked streets than shopping malls. Therefore, Rome is full of commercial streets where you can find number of stores.


Although the pontiffs did many questionable things during their reign in Rome, their most lasting legacy is a gift to art lovers everywhere.

The Other Side of the Modern City

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