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Public information centre of the nuclear power plant (CIP)




CIP, arbre à questions

Located just outside of the power plant, the Public Information Centre (Centre d’Information du Public) provides information about energy to visitors of all ages, in an interactive, educational way. Audiovisual and 3D animations, hands-on exhibits, scale models and a “question tree” provide a chance to learn about the various ways energy is produced, how a nuclear power plant works, energy saving, environmental monitoring...

Come and learn all about nuclear energy !


Entrée du CIP



Monday to Friday : from 2 to 5:30 pm (except on public holidays).
Conference (in french) every day at 3 pm.
Free entry


The Nuclear Power Production Centre

The Nuclear Power Production Centre (Centre nucléaire de production d’électricité -CNPE) in Dampierre-en-Burly is located on the banks of the Loire in the commune of the same name, around 60 km south-east of Orleans and around 10 km west of Gien.
The four production units have a power of 900 megawatts each, were commissioned between 1980 and 1981 and produce on average 24 billion kilowatt hours a year, i.e. 5% of France’s current electricity production or seven times the amount consumed in Loiret.
Around 1 200 EDF employees and 300 external companies work permanently on the site.


 Coach tour of the power plant (associations or identified groups) :
After an introductory talk about the power plant, followed by a visit to the CIPC, a guide will take you on a coach tour (the cost of hiring the coach is payable by the group), including the following stops with commentary :



- external view of the machine room, an air cooling tower and nuclear buildings.
- a trip to the banks of the Loire, a chance to discuss the environment.
- viewpoint over the Noues horticultural estate, which uses warm water from the power plant.


- Please book in advance with the communication team.
- You must be an identified group (association, works council...)
- Adult visitors must bring their identity card.



CNPE de Dampierre-en-Burly
Route de Gien - BP 18
45570 Ouzouer-sur-Loire
Tel. :
E-mail :


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